The fire department was organized in the Village of Clawson early in the year of 1922. The department’s first piece of equipment consisted of a Deluge Chemical unit mounted on a Ford chassis. This took care of the few needs of the village in those days.

In 1927 the old truck was replaced by a Boyer Chemical Apparatus with hose body on a Dodge Graham Chassis. The chemical apparatus consisted of two thirty-five (35) gallon chemical tanks, and one hundred fifty (150) feet of one inch hose line. It was also equipped with one thousand (1000) feet of two and one half inch hose line. The Purchase of the two and one half inch hose line placed every home in the village within reach of a water main.

In 1938 the Clawson Volunteer Fire Department was proud of its new streamlined truck that it had just placed in service for its residents. The members were proud of this truck because it represented a new high in the departmentí»s ability to serve the citizens of Clawson in a time of need. The truck was constructed by the members of the fire department on an International chassis and cost $2,500.00 and was valued at $6,000.00. The ideas and design suggestions for this truck was a community effort by the members of the fire department. It incorporated a 425 gallon water tank and booster pump, and could shoot four streams of water from 3/4 inch and 1 1/2 inch hose lines. All of the equipment that the truck carried was enclosed, and the truck could travel 60 mph fully loaded

In the nineteen thirties and early forty’s before what is now the City of Troy, was organized, and the Troy Fire Department had not yet been established, the area was mostly farm land. The Clawson Volunteer Fire Department at that time handled fire calls as far north as South Boulevard.

(Retired but still used in parades and events) In 1947 the fire department placed into service a 1947 Mack pumper to work alongside there International truck. This truck had a flat head six cylinder engine and was equipped with a two stage pump that could produce 500 gallons of water per minute. It also had a 250 gallon water tank, and a
preconnected 1 inch hose line reel. The 1947 Mack was also equipped with two large spot lights for night time scene lighting and a complete set of ground ladders. The Mack pumper is still to this day owned by the Clawson Fire Department. It still runs and pumps. Although retired it is used for parades
and numerous other city events. It has won many awards and ribbons for best original condition in its class, at area antique fire apparatus musters. This truck is also a favorite with the kids in Clawson as ever year the department members use this truck to give rides to kids during the week of July 4th. In 2008, the original engine was completely rebuilt, by Firefighter Troy Engel, to ensure this truck will continue running for years to come.

As the years continued to go buy the Clawson Volunteer Fire Department worked to improve itself by constantly updating its equipment and training so that it could provide a valuable service to its residents and tax payers. At this same time the city continued to make improvements in its water supply system as new areas of the city began to grow.

(Retired) In 1957 the department placed into service an American LaFrance 1000 gallon per minute pumper with a 500 gallon water tank. The truck cost the city $22,300.00. American LaFrance was a top of the line unit and the department was very proud of the fact that they owned one. The department almost did not receive its new truck when it was discovered that it had been lost during shipping. The truck was shipped by rail and when it did not arrive when it was expected a search was started, the truck was located on a railroad siding somewhere between New York and Michigan and was sent on its way to Clawson.


(Retired) The city took delivery of a 1967 F.T.I. (Fire Trucks Inc.) truck built in Mt. Clemens , Michigan . It featured a Wakashaw 6 cylinder gas engine with a four speed manual transmission. It also included a Waterous 1000 gallon per minute two stage pump and 500 gallon water tank.


(Retired) A 1977 Ford cab and chassis with a utility work body featuring outside compartments and rear walk in area with shelving was purchased. This truck was used to carry large and extra equipment that could not fit on the regular fire trucks. Clawson 's first equipment squad was born.


(Retired) In 1980 the City took delivery of its first new fire truck that featured an aerial ladder. It was a unit built by the Sutphen Corporation in Ohio . It had a Detroit Diesel engine with a four speed automatic transmission in combination with a Waterous 1500 gallon per minute two stage pump and had a 500 gallon water tank. The ladder was 65 feet in length.


1984 brought the purchase of the Clawson Fire Departments first Jaws of Life extraction / rescue unit. This was made possible by numerous civic minded groups, and headed by the Clawson Lions Club. The groups came together for this fund raiser when it was learned that the fire department had responded to an auto accident and was not able to do much, and was forced to request assistance from a neighboring department that owned an extraction tool. The different groups held dinners, dances, and pancake breakfasts. The total amount of money that was needed was raised and the purchase of the rescue tool was made in a very short four months.


(Retired) In 1988 a Pierce Dash pumper was placed into service to replace the American LaFrance.The department's first Pierce unit was built with a Catapiller Turbo Engine with a four speed automatic transmission and included a 1250 gallon per minute two stage pump and 500 gallon water tank. It also includes a prepiped deluge gun, for master stream operations.


(Active) In 1993 an International cab and chassis with an eight compartment body and rollup doors was purchased to replace the much smaller Ford equipment squad. The International unit carried twice the equipment as the old unit did.


(Active) In 1997 a Pierce Saber pumper was placed into service to replace the 1967 F.T.I.. The department's second Pierce truck was built with a Detroit Diesel engine with five speed push button automatic transmission, and a Waterous 1500 gallon per minute two stage pump.


(Active) In 2003 a Pierce Enforcer ladder / pumper truck was placed into service, replacing the 1980 Sutphen Ladder Truck. This was the third Pierce unit built for the City of Clawson and included a Cummings diesel engine, five speed automatic transmission, Waterous 1500 gallon per minute two stage pump, and 300 gallon water tank. The ladder is 75 feet tall and has a breathing air connection at the tip of the ladder.
(Active) In 2009 a Pierce Puck pumper truck was placed into service, replacing the 1988 Pierce Dash Truck. This was the fourth Pierce unit built for the City of Clawson. This truck has ability to pump and drive, has built in foam capabilities and clean diesel technology.